I’ve Always Been Interested in Recording Video Games

Hello readers,

Thank you for navigating to my website and checking it out. I started recording video games when I was a kid… on a vcr… off of my Super Nintendo at the time. I would get to the ending of a game, hit record on the VCR, and beat it. I never rewatched the tape, except to make sure the recording itself worked, but there was something thrilling about not only beating a game, but then capturing it to a recording. Of course, the internet didn’t even really exist  at the time, but there I was… I was doing what few others had done before, but would soon become quite regular.

Now it’s pretty normal and commonplace. I started in my interest towards streaming with the release of Starcraft 2 in July of 2010. I bought that game, and since I was so bad at it, I went looking for inspiration and guidance. I found a streamer named Trump (currently a Hearthstone player). He would play Terran (my race) and he would also have piano music in the background. He was Master League and I enjoyed watching that a lot. Eventually he would retire from SC2 and play other games.


So, the result of that is what you see here. Eventually I decided I wanted to do this too, so here we are. Thank you for visiting. There’s plenty more to come.