The Dragonball FighterZ Open Beta is really fun!

I spent last night participating in the Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta. I have to say, I had a lot of fun playing. It’s a fast paced game that gives you a lot of options and also keeps you on your toes. It took a little bit to get into matches, but I was playing at around 3am. They had multiple servers for different areas of the world (Americas, Japan, Europe, etc.) and there were multiple lobbies for each region. Each lobby holds 64 players and I joined the 17th lobby.

You can see the video of my session here:

There is a tutorial that I played through that shows you the ropes and then they let you access the matchmaking system. It’s possible that you can just go to the matchmaking system without the tutorial, but I can’t be sure.

One thing to note: You have to talk to NPC’s to make things happen. In order to go through the tutorial you have to speak to an NPC and in order to enter matchmaking to fights others you also then have to talk to a different NPC (they have icons over their heads, but generally they’re covered by other player avatars and can be hard to spot).

I have practically no experience when it comes to playing modern day fighting games. I have never played an Arc System Works (it’s published by Bandai Namco Entertainment) game before and this certainly let me know what I was in for. I have to thank it for that. You can fight with 3 characters in your stable and tag them in and out using the L1 and L2 buttons. Besides functioning as a tag team they can also jump in and add their powers to yours when performing ki attacks or counters.

Blocking is a tricky thing in this game. If you don’t block you’ll get hit with combos ranging from 4 to 10 hits, and maybe more depending on your opponents skill, but fear not… If you press the light attack or medium attack buttons every character has combos that are easy to execute. That’s not to say they’re easy to land, but at least if you do land one, you know you should be able to get something done.

One other thing I figured out is the important of the Dragon Dash, which is the R2 button. It is a flying homing attack. You use it to charge your enemy, bridge the space between the two of you, and to launch into some kind of combo… or something like it. If you have ki bars charged you can also vanish, which is done by pressing the triangle and circle buttons. This consumes a ki bar but positions you directly behind your opponent and is tricky for them to block.

Eventually you develop a bit of an intuition and I was able to overcome some challengers who had much higher battle points than I, but likewise, there were some opponents who seemed to just hold to key to dismantling my fighting style.  I do know one thing… This beta is very fun and I can’t wait to get into this game like I haven’t been able to get into a fighting game in a very long time. I don’t really counter well enough yet and my air dodges are extremely sloppy, but I found this game accessible and it’s fairly easy to learn. I think it’s balanced, so I do recommend this game.

Feel free to watch my YouTube video and I think this will all become more clear.

I’ve Always Been Interested in Recording Video Games

Hello readers,

Thank you for navigating to my website and checking it out. I started recording video games when I was a kid… on a vcr… off of my Super Nintendo at the time. I would get to the ending of a game, hit record on the VCR, and beat it. I never rewatched the tape, except to make sure the recording itself worked, but there was something thrilling about not only beating a game, but then capturing it to a recording. Of course, the internet didn’t even really exist  at the time, but there I was… I was doing what few others had done before, but would soon become quite regular.

Now it’s pretty normal and commonplace. I started in my interest towards streaming with the release of Starcraft 2 in July of 2010. I bought that game, and since I was so bad at it, I went looking for inspiration and guidance. I found a streamer named Trump (currently a Hearthstone player). He would play Terran (my race) and he would also have piano music in the background. He was Master League and I enjoyed watching that a lot. Eventually he would retire from SC2 and play other games.


So, the result of that is what you see here. Eventually I decided I wanted to do this too, so here we are. Thank you for visiting. There’s plenty more to come.